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Pharo launcher
Last updated at 2:57 pm UTC on 2 October 2020
ToDo Test Pharo launcher for Squeak as described below and more messages in the mailing list thred.

Edit this page to get concise short instructions how to use it.

Reference: http://forum.world.st/Re-Unity-Happens-One-Step-at-a-Time-was-Re-Porting-my-programs-from-Squeak-3-10-2-to-3-5-td5122478.html


Here is what I had to do to have the Pharo launcher launch a Squeak image:

- Download and extract a Squeak VM and a supported image with .changes.
- Download and install the latest Pharo Launcher release.
- Start the launcher.
- Open Settings > Pharo Launcher > edit the folder paths to my likings.
- Click Store Settings at the top right.
- Move the Squeak VM directory below the VM directory entered in the
settings. Do not move the image yet.
- Press shift+return, type vmExecutableName and open the method
- Change WindowsResolver>>#vmExecutableName to return 'Squeak.exe'.
- Close the system browser window.
- Press the VMs button on the top right. It should now list the Squeak
VM, for example 'squeak.cog.spur_win64x64_202003021730'. Close the VMs
- Press Import at the top, choose the extracted image. It will be
moved to the images directory from the Settings!
- The image should now appear in the main list of the launcher window.
- In the new directory of the image, put a file named "pharo.version"
with the contents "0" next to the image. This will prevent the
launcher from trying to find out the Pharo version of the image by
running a pharo-version.st script with --headless on the image. Squeak
does not support this.
- Back in the launcher, in the combo box next to the Launch button at
the top, drop down the list and select Edit Configurations.
- For the Default configuration, select your Squeak VM instead of
"0-x64" on the right. The latter would try and fail to download a
fitting Pharo VM again.
- Close the window with "Save & Select".
- Now I am able to launch the Squeak image.

To preserve the changes to the launcher image:
- Press shift+return, enter Playground and press return to open a Workspace.
- Evaluate the following: Smalltalk snapshot: true andQuit: true.

Kind regards,

Am Mi., 2. Sept. 2020 um 18:20 Uhr schrieb Sean DeNigris
<[hidden email]>:

> I've been pontificating about unity between dialects, convinced more than ever that we need each other and have more of a simple (not easy) communication problem than anything else, and pestering the principals of various communities, so I decided to put some concrete action behind it - some "skin in the game" as we say in the U.S.
> After reading Trygve's frustration with Squeak image/VM management, and Eliot's mention of Pharo's solution, I've extended PharoLauncher to manage and run Squeak (and GToolkit) VMs/images.
> The current limitation vs. launching standard Pharo images is that you have to download the VMs and images and manually install them due to differences in URL and other conventions. However once the files are in place, you can create templates allowing images to be created at will from different Squeak versions and automatically run with the correct VM. Auto-installation could probably be done if someone cares enough but it scratched my itch for the moment to manage GT images. Iím sure Cuis support could be added, but the hooks are now available and someone more familiar with its VM/image installation might have an easier time.
> Until my latest PR [1] is merged, brave souls can play with it and give feedback by loading my issue branch [2] into the latest Launcher release [3]. NB only tested on Mac.
> It seemed Trygve was at his wits' end, but maybe this and other small gestures will let him know how important he is to our community if not motivate him to resume his important work.
> I challenge you, as a member of our wider Squeak/Pharo/Cuis family: what small action can you take today that unites us rather than divides us? We can be each others' supporters even if technical, vision and other differences keep our codebases somewhat distinct. I believe the seeds of wars are planted when I lack the grace to give those around me the benefit of the doubt that they mean well and are trying their best. There is more than enough of that already in the world. Letís invent a *better* futureÖ
> Your brother,
> Sean

Hi Jakob

An update for your instructions for non-windows users.

    - Press shift+return, type vmExecutableName and open the method
    - Change WindowsResolver>>#vmExecutableName to return 'Squeak.exe'.


    - Press shift+return, type vmExecutableName and open the method
    - Change UnixResolver>>#vmExecutableName to return 'squeak'.

I found an "interesting" side effect.

I had hoped to have a squeaklauncher and a pharolauncher coexist as separate apps.

However, after I got squeakluancher running, my pharolauncher was launching the squeaklauncher.

The two executables where in completely separate directories




re-installs of PharoLauncher only confused matters.

It appears that the Settings are shared "globally" somehow. I could not find a file that stored them.

Meager attempts to get it to launch both kinds of images failed.

anyhoo, thanks for your work.