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Last updated at 6:45 pm UTC on 19 December 2005
Cees De Groot on December 11, 2005 Being almost fanatic about the importance of feedback in processes, I decided to spend a couple of nights creating a feedback system on v3.9a (this code is, by the way, usable for other projects as well). It is loosely inspired on Mozilla's Tinderbox http://www.mozilla.org/tinderbox.html.

I have whipped up something presentable - on each run, it will upgrade a 3.9a image from the latest stuff in the inbox and 3.9a repositories, run all tests, and store the outcome: which packages where in the image, which one where marked "dirty" by Monticello, and how the tests faired. The results are on a webpage, colored red, orange, yellow or green, and you can see what packages didn't load well and what tests gave problems.
Url: http://de-1.tric.nl:23000/
Code: http://de-1.tric.nl/~cg/mc (SqueaksOnFire)
Blog: http://www.cdegroot.com/blog/2005/12/11/squeaks-on-fire/

As you can see, Squeak's on Fire - there are two minor load problems, but I guess the 3.9a team will pick it up, but worse is that lots of tests aren't passing. In order to get a grip on quality, I think we need to get to "all green" as soon as possible and then try to add to the test suite to prevent regressions.

Here's the current hall of shame (later versions of SqueaksOnFire may post this weekly, together with the name of the person that committed the code - this could be your last chance to save your reputation by submitting patches! ;-))::
Tests that throw exceptions (error) http://de-1.tric.nl:23000/errors?id=3311794698
Tests that fail http://de-1.tric.nl:23000/failures?id=3311794698