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The Newbie page
Last updated at 2:41 am UTC on 4 June 2018


This page is for newbies to have a place to share with others the links, tips, tricks, epiphanies and other fundamental truths that help get them over the initial hurdles. So use it! When you finally figure out something that has been stumping you, put the answer here so others can benefit.

See also: New Squeaker questions

The biggest things that helped me:

1. Click on the window background (desktop?) and choose new project (morphic), and click in the window to enter the morphic world. Click again on the background and choose open... and you can get your browser and email reader. Also, show flaps by choosing window from the morphic world menu. Flaps have lots of neat stuff in them.

2. Do a simple tutorial. (To find tutorials go to Introductions to Squeak).

3. Filing in from a web browser (pasted from the mailing list)

4. I know it sounds obvious, but I almost missed "help" on the main menu. The menu doesn't have much for you when you are really desperate for HELP but it does have lots of interesting stuff!

5. The squeak wiki seems to be the best collection of information and links I could find. You may have come here from there. Check out the Squeak Swiki. There's also a FAQ at Squeak FAQ.

Nathan Young mailto:nathan@ncyoung.com

Here I put some links to tutorials and Squeak details that could interest newbies. Feel free to add some more.

Squeak Tutorials:
http://www.squeak.org/tutorials/BankAccount.html [Bad link.]
See: http://static.squeak.org/tutorials/BankAccount.html

http://www.squeak.org/tutorials/morphic-tutorial-1.html [Bad link.]
See: http://static.squeak.org/tutorials/morphic-tutorial-1.html


Squeak Smalltalk: A Quick Reference, originally by by Andrew C. Greenberg: Squeak Language and Classes Reference

How to use Model-View-Controller (MVC): http://st-www.cs.uiuc.edu/users/smarch/st-docs/mvc.html

A Description of the Model-View-Controller User Interface Paradigm in the Smalltalk-80 System by Krasner and Pope: http://www.objectshare.com/doc/mvc%20krasner%20and%20pope.pdf [Bad link.]
See: http://www.ccmrc.ucsb.edu/~stp/PostScript/mvc.pdf

Learn Smalltalk links page: http://c2.com:8080/LearnSmalltalk [Bad link.]

Another interesting page: http://www.phaidros.com/DIGITALIS/englisch/sqk/sqk00002.htm [Bad link.]

[Five out of nine links to information for BEGINNERS were dead!]

Ian Trudel

If you are a newbie to the world of Smalltalk (or even if you aren't), you really must read Dan Ingalls' Design Principles Behind Smalltalk at http://users.ipa.net/~dwighth/smalltalk/byte_aug81/design_principles_behind_smalltalk.htmlDwight Hughes

How to get control over your objects

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Hans N. Beck wrote to the mailing list and Vanessa Freudenberg answered:

> I'm new to Squeak, I have done my first steps with Squeak/WinNT. After the first look, there comes following questions related to GUI: Can Squeak used for GUI development?

Of course! I'd even say Squeak is the ultimate tool to develop new GUIs.

> I know that prof. Smalltalks have full Win32 GUI binding, COM bindung etc. On the other side: Morpic seems interesting, but it's only a thing of squeak, isn't it, not portable?

Actually it is portable exactly because it does not use the platform GUI stuff.

> - The relationship of standard MVC Interface to Morphic: If I can use MVC for GUI development/prototyping, why needing Morphic (let the knifes in, I'm a newbee ....) The other case: the old-fashioned ST-80 system with MVC is'nt powerful for GUI development, so a Smalltalker is fixed to his system with his GUI framework specific for his Dolphin, Smalltalk/X, Squeak (Morphic)...

Morphic is something like an OO-framebuffer. It's not just pixels on the screen like most other GUIs but everything you see is an object (a Morph) that can be manipulated and assembled into more complex entities like dialogs or menus or whatever. You can learn about the Morphic philosophy in the numerous Self papers (http://www.sun.com/research/self/)

> - where can I find resources to MVC/Morphic GUI building, until know I could not find anything in the Web bigger as 5 pages.... (but of course, I've not seen al :-(((

There are tutorials mentioned at www.squeak.org, also there is some on this Swiki, and you could buy the first Squeak book (see Smalltalk & Squeak books). As for MVC, any old Smalltalk book should do. – Bert

Note: a link to another page in this swiki is just the name of the page between single asterisks, like so: *Squeak FAQ* (just be sure to spell and capitalize the page's name correctly - double the asterisks to display an asterisk like in this example); and for links to other sites or to create a mailto: address, just enclose the URL in single asterisks.

I also came from C/Java. I did the bank account tutorial. It is a good tour of what can be done. I asked John if he would do a "part 2", to evolve it into more of an application.... Hope he does...
Greg Banschbach (glbny@yahoo.com)

Im new to squeak and just grabbed it. I tried to use scamper to view some of the various demos and was confronted with "Error: a primitive has failed" searched the net for solutions but havent run across any yet. Running XP any ideas ?
As a side note, I just tried scamper on the same network with a Mac running OSX and everything works ... perhaps this is something for the bug list not the newbie page ...