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Screenshots of Squeak #2
Last updated at 11:06 pm UTC on 24 May 2007
If you are curious as to what exactly Squeak looks like, here are some links to screenshots of various flavours of Squeak. Click on the thumbnail images to view the full-size screenshots.

Please, when you post a wonderful screen shot here for all to see make sure the link works. Also, if you can provide a link to a page which decribes for the viewer how to reproduce what you have done that would be very useful.

If you want to see an interactive Slide show about some features of Squeak have a look at the latest Version of Squeak introduction. You need the Squeak Plugin installed to view this.

After visiting this page look at: More Screenshots and Screenshots of Applications created with Squeak

Here's a brief table of contents for this Screenshots page, if you'd like to jump ahead:

General - Screenshots of general functionality included with Squeak

Applications - Screenshots of Applications written in Squeak

Steve Wessels' work page: with Applications written in Squeak

Platforms - Screenshots of Squeak ported to many platforms (operating systems and hardware)

Looks - Alternative UI Look screenshots


Squeak General


Standard Squeak Morphic UI

Uploaded Image: squeak34-320x240.jpeg

Uploaded Image: squeak32-mini.jpeg

Uploaded Image: thumb_morphic_squeak.gif

Standard Squeak MVC UI

Uploaded Image: thumb_sqk00050.gif


External Image


Squeak Webbrowser Plugin

Squeak and 3D (Alice)

Uploaded Image: thumb_squeak_alice.gif

Squeak and Music

Uploaded Image: thumb_squeak_music.gif

Squeak and Animation

Uploaded Image: thumb_squeak_animate.gif

Squeak and Internet

Uploaded Image: thumb_squeak_internet.gif

Squeak Applications

Screenshots of Applications created with Squeak
An internet appliance UI written in Squeak.
Uploaded Image: thumb_addressbook.jpg

SqueakNews: An interactive CD-ROM e-zine about Squeak, and written in Squeak!
Monthly subscriptions available at http://squeaknews.com.

Uploaded Image: squeaknewscover_thumb.gif
The SqueakNews July 2001 table of contents screen.

3D Worlds Application
External Image

Squeak with Function plotter - http://www.dm.uba.ar/mathMorphs

External Image

Facial Animation, Speech Synthesis

External Image

see http://squeak.cs.uiuc.edu/mail/squeak/msg05502.html


An application using Squeak and OpenGL
URL: http://www.cosmocows.com/OpenGL/
External Image

Siren: A general-purpose music description and composition system.

Uploaded Image: siren_fcnview_thumb.gif

An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client

Details can be found on this page.

Squeak Platforms

Squeak running on Acorn Risc OS

Uploaded Image: AcornSqueakThumb.jpeg

Squeak on Helio

External Image

Squeak Faure PDA

External Image

ECE Toolkit

External Image

See also More Screenshots