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Project current world
Last updated at 3:31 pm UTC on 22 May 2017
 Project current world

is a code idiom. It gives access to the morph which is the desktop in a MorphicProject. It is a PasteUpMorph.

 Project current world class 

This instance of PasteUpMorph answers #isWorldMorph with true. It keeps its state in a WorldState object.

The morphs which are placed on the desktop may be accessed with

 Project current world submorphs

If you want to get at a BookMorph which is available in the project you execute

 Project current world findA: BookMorph
 Project current world submorphOfClass: BookMorph

If there are several morphs of the same type you get the collection with

 Project current world submorphsSatisfying: [:m | m isKindOf: RectangleMorph]

For more accessors see category 'submorphs-accessing' in class Morph.