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Last updated at 7:51 pm UTC on 27 August 2019
Installer provides a simple Domain Specific Language for running scripts and installing packages from Monticello, SqueakMap, mantis, package universes, and www pages.
One design decision is to be able to paste scripts a workspace and run and test from there, either whole or piecemeal, without any special editing.

Typical Usage

 Installer squeakmap install: 'FileMan'.

 Installer monticello http: 'http://www.squeaksource.com';

     project: 'Seaside';

     install: 'Comet-lr.8';

     install: 'Scriptaculous'.

This small section is tagged with <code st>... </code st> to mark it for extraction by the InstallerUrl class for finding scripts embedded in web pages -
| pathString |
 pathString := '/home/user28/Documents/squeak-repository/'.
 Installer installFile: pathString, 'Add-Ons-LOtools-nnn.35.mcz'.

Browse Installer subclasses for more information
Full Documentation: http://installer.pbwiki.com/Installer

 Installer printHierarchy '

		Installer #(''answers'' ''packages'' ''messagesToSuppress'' ''useFileIn'' ''noiseLevel'')
			InstallerCruft #()
			InstallerFile #()
			InstallerInternetBased #(''url'' ''pageDataStream'' ''markers'')
				InstallerUrl #()
				InstallerWebBased #()
					InstallerMantis #(''ma'' ''bug'' ''desc'' ''date'' ''array'' ''data'' ''status'')
					InstallerWeb #()
					InstallerWebSqueakMap #(''wsm'')
			InstallerMonticello #(''mc'' ''root'' ''project'')
			InstallerSake #(''sake'')
			InstallerSqueakMap #(''sm'')
			InstallerUniverse #(''universe'')
			InstallerUpdateStream #()'


Scripts using Installer In KernelImage

Using Kernel Load

Scripts using Installer