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Last updated at 9:37 pm UTC on 4 October 2008
Lukas Renggli has designed and implemented a wiki as a project at the University of Berne. Chris Burkert and Stephen Pair ported it to Squeak.
It is superseded by Pier.

Design goals were:

Citation from the introduction:

There are more than 150 Wiki implementations available and most of them are open source. There are even a few implementations available written in different Smalltalk dialects, so why did we create a new one?

All the implementations we had a look at have major flaws in extensibility: they don't provide a proper object oriented-design that is covered by unit tests. Moreover they all keep the content of the pages within strings, which makes it painful to render and search the wiki. These wikis haven't been designed for extensibility!

The existing Smalltalk wikis are old and it seems that the developers don't want to touch their running systems. Both, WikiWorks and SqueakWiki, have some of their domain code within external files, what makes the source hard to understand as it is not possible to use the editing and debugging facilities of the Smalltalk environment.

SqueakMap entry

Read on at: SmallWiki Project Page
Version two of Smallwiki has been renamed to Pier.