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Last updated at 9:59 am UTC on 24 February 2018
Closure (Wikipedia)

Closures are called Blocks in Smalltalk.
What are full block closures?

Archive of closure implementation

Estimated completion date: October 1, 1999

[August 8] project declared to exist
[Jan 22, 2002] Completed! (except for Jitter) Go to (obsolete) VI4


Q/A, Integration
Craig Latta
Kurt Thams
Bijan Parsia
Dan Ingalls
Daniel Vainsencher
Tim Rowledge
David N. Smith
Benoît St-Jean
Dwight Hughes
Vassili Bykov
Ian Piumarta

General Commentary
A list of items (most recent last) of the form
[date, author] comment
Anyone is invited to add to this list.
The implementors are free to remove and summarize any items more than two weeks old.

[2002.12.19, RSBohn] What are block closures, in 50 words or less?

[Oct 22, Paolo Bonzini] There is another level which is quite hard too: integration with the debugger. For example, since temporaries will be spread among several contexts, the Encoder has to track in which scope was each variable declared so that ContextPart>>#tempNames can answer only the variables that belong to the context; then the debugger itself must track the #tempNames from different contexts and show them all...

[22 Jan 2002, Anthony Hannan] COMPLETED! Go to (obsolete) VI4