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Real Events from the OS
Last updated at 1:10 pm UTC on 20 September 1999
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The real goals are: don't miss events, have access to useful other events (like window reframe), and still be fairly simple to port to bare chips. Several stabs have been taken at this. Having caucused with the rest of Squeak Central, we would like to be the implementors on this, but we welcome suggestions or code contributions and especially tips on specific platforms. We beg your indulgence until we finish the major competing project.
Estimated completion date: October 1, 1999
[August 8] project declared to exist
John Malone
Andreas Raab
Q/A, Integration
Marcel Weiher
Lex Spoon
General Commentary
A list of items (most recent last) of the form
[date, author] comment
Anyone is invited to add to this list.
The implementors are free to remove and summarize any items more than two weeks old.
[9/20/99, Tim Rowledge
I did a basic event loop changeset that used a hook to a change in display size to trigger a screen restore as a useful example. See http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim/pooters/SqFiles/deltas and look for sq23Events.zip or similar. It addsall the basic VM buffer stuff and a simple image interface that is closely modelled on the one in VW.
Do remember that some OS's require synchronous handling of an event and it can make a real mess of image code. VW has/had some really ugly workarounds to cope with some very unfortunate Windows 3.1 events. I spent way too much time having to debug that stuff.