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Multilingual Support
Last updated at 8:47 pm UTC on 11 December 2015
For a more recent page go to Multilingual Squeak.

Overview 2005 of the state of support for Squeak Localization and supporting multilingual environments.


The goal is to provide the multibyte character and multilingual-handling support for Squeak. Because the XML specification require ISO-10646 support, this project may be the basis for the XML processors written in Squeak.

Multilingual Squeak

This package by Yoshiki Ohshima is the most advanced support package for Unicode in Squeak and multilingual support in Squeak. It is included in Squeak 3.8g under the designation m17n (Feb 2005)

Unicode in Squeak

An (old) page covering issues, details, and design debates surrounding supporting it.