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Smalltalk condenseSources
Last updated at 4:12 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
Smalltalk condenseSources

This will merge all changes with the .sources file. In otherwords, it creates a
new .sources file that contains only actual method sources and a nearly empty .changes file.

see also Smalltalk condenseChanges

Illustration for Squeak 3.6:
Smalltalk condenseSources
extracts the currently valid definitions form both
the sources file and the changes file and merges these into an
new sources file SourcesV3.6 (you are asked to supply the name of the new sources file).
All outdated definitions are dropped. We have a 14MBytes sources and 10 MBytes changes file.
When these merge we have a 16 MBytes source file and a nearly empty changes file. We therefore conclude, that the 10 MBytes of the changes contained 2 MBytes new code and 8 MBytes development history.