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FAQ: How can I give my Morphic world a wallpaper?
Last updated at 3:03 am UTC on 12 May 2018


Try the following:
 | img |
 img := GIFReadWriter formFromFileNamed: 'image.gif'.
 World color: (InfiniteForm with: img).
 World fullRepaintNeeded.
You can also use the FileList's 'background' feature to do so. It supports Squeak's common file format (GIF, JPG, PNG, Form storeOn: (run coded) and BMP). This feature works in MVC world as well. To proceed, you need to open a FileList. Search for your favorite wallpaper and then select it with the yellow button. If you chose a valid supported file, you should see 'background'. Select it and voila. – Ian Trudel

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