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FAQ: Background Colors
Last updated at 9:51 pm UTC on 9 February 2003
How do I change the default color of a browser, file list, or whatever created by the "open..." menu?

In more recent versions of Squeak there is a menu item which lets you set window colors. Go to the "appearance..."/"window colors..." menu.

Or, browse implementors of #defaultBackgroundColor. A hint on how to figure this out: open a Selector Finder, type default in the top pane and hit return. The pane below lists all symbols (usually method selectors) that contain that string. Perusing this list quickly leaads to the above-mentioned method, plus lots of other neat stuff. BobArning

How do I change the background color of the Morph if I know only RGB palette numbers?

Open halo debug "inspect morph" menu item on the morph you want to change.

In the lowest part of the inspector window type:
self color: (Color r: (210 / 255) g: (180 / 255) b: (140 / 255) )

Execute this statement. The (background) color of the morph will change to tan (RGB: 210, 180, 140).