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Squeak Central project list
Last updated at 2:36 pm UTC on 14 February 2007
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Updated 3/11/2003 by bkv/font


Squeak Central no longer has the role that it once did. The Squeak community has organized itself around

(However, the members of Squeak Central are still very active in the Squeak community, and some are working with next-generation projects such asCroquetthat come from Squeak.)

To see what projects the Squeak community is active on, check outSqueakMap; also take a look atCleanup/Enhancement Projects.

There are two kinds of Squeak Central Projects: Internal Projects on whichSqueak Centralis actively working, and External Projects that we agree are important to the future of Squeak, and from which we therefor have a commitment to integrate useful results as they appear.

Where we are headed generally

As background for understanding whatSqueak Central(SqC) is up to, you are referred to the latter part ofThe Future of Squeak, 1999and other nearby links for this background.

Internal Projects

Here are the three main areas in whichSqueak Centralis actively working as of February, 2000, and certainly for the next three months.

External Projects

Below is a list of external projects. Please read the ground rules in
before making changes to these entries. Thanks.

NOTE: The following items are mostly all six months old. I will try to go through and bring them up to date [current] as time allows.