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World Menu
Last updated at 11:12 am UTC on 4 September 2015
Bring up the World Menu by clicking on the left mouse button any empty spot within the Squeak window. You know you got it if the label at the top says "World". If you are in a squeakland image, this does not work; instead, hold the mouse over an empty spot and press Esc on the keyboard.

Uploaded Image: worldmenu.png

See Menus.

Question:May 06, 2004 Open a World menu and start typing into it. Now at the bottom of the menu the text appears inside of <> while the other menu items are grayed out. Just wondering what this is good for?

Answer:Bert Freudenberg It's for navigating the menu with the keyboard. All non-matching entries are disabled while you type, so you can quickly select the one you want.

Uploaded Image: worldmenutyping.png


Extending the menu