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Hannes Hirzel
Last updated at 1:07 pm UTC on 8 October 2008
As of 2006 no active participation...

April 2007: Tried out Seaside with Damien Cassou's Squeak web 95-2 image.
Wanted -- A Seaside Tutorial (Creation of a very simple to do list application - a table and an entry form)
I am interested in using 3.10 for a project I have been working on some years ago.
I like the fact that the image is lean and that it comes with a considerable number of SUnit tests which are all green. This will ease development for me.

Other images I try out:
Download of OLPC 2.0 image
Download of Squeak 3.10 developer image put together by Damien Cassou

October 2008
Use of Pier 1.0.17 (http://www.piercms.com/, one-click-installation)


The FormEditor

Attempts for TOCs

Recipes to check if still working in 3.10 (with UTF8 data)