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Daniel Joyce
Last updated at 3:51 pm UTC on 21 October 2006
Well, I'm a new smalltalker, and since blowing away the other students in AI with my SmallTalk project ( I was the only one with a GUI :) ), I've become an addicted advocate.

It seems right now, I'm planning on revamping how Morphic handles transformations. Ideally, it should be a little cleaner that it currently is...

BTW, I get lets of "ohs, ahs!" when I show people the things you can do with Smalltalk, like dynamic class creation.

Daniel Joyce

Hardware accelerated Squeak and SqueakOS

I am still very intrested in designing a OOP based OS, and have debated time and again over which language to use. It seems to me that Squeak as it exists now already does 90% of what an OS needs to do.

So click on Squeak Hardware to see if I'm batty.

Squeak Messaging Services

Squeak has an IRC client, but it needs some help. I plan to put up a page soon to deal with these issues, and see if we can get IRC up to snuff, then add support for AIM, etc. Finally, integration with scamper would be ideal too, plus maybe new ideas of user interaction.