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Camp Smalltalk Portland 2015
Last updated at 6:51 pm UTC on 18 August 2015
Dear artful programming enthusiasts,

The Pacific Northwest Smalltalk crew would like to invite you to Camp Smalltalk PDX this summer. Come join us August 21-23 in beautiful Portland, Oregon!

We all know coding is a lot of fun, and that the best coding is done with the delete key. Accordingly, Camp Smalltalk PDX will be at Portlandís CTRL-H hackerspace, http://www.ctrlh.org.

For those arriving on Thursday, we have a reservation at South Park Seafood in downtown Portland at 8pm: http://southparkseafood.com.

There is no set schedule starting Friday, but of course we all have strong interests. Some of the areas that will surely be covered include:

If you are curious about Smalltalk, feel free to drop by and give Smalltalk a try.

And yes, there are also the well known regulars — we all know who you are :). Itís time to catch up and plot inventing our future.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have questions regarding travel or accommodations. Also, if you know you will be coming and you havenít completed our survey yet, doing so will help us coordinate the infrastructure around the event: http://goo.gl/forms/XVLOLRe8OF. For event information, see here: http://pdx.st.

See you in Portland!