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Macintosh release - notes about version 3.5
Last updated at 10:15 am UTC on 25 February 2004

Where to get the files

The official Squeak Download is at UIUC:
Two mirrors exist:

(StuffIt Expander users see StuffIt Expander Settings to avoid getting corrupted files)

3.6.0 is the current macintosh VM which is usable as far back as system 7.5.5. (which is our cutoff point for offical support). This is an application package which works on both OS X and OS 9/8/7.5 and supports Croquet. It's in the directory ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/pub/Smalltalk/Squeak/3.6/mac/
(I know that the 3.2.6 VM supports 3.2gamma or 3.3alpha Squeak images – does it also support 3.0 images? Images older than that? -mrm)
Some attempts have been made to support images back to 2.7 (or earlier). But the only way to know is to try it! (JMM)

What files to get for your flavor of the Mac OS

Multi-version VM Package (3.5.2x pending 3.6.0 rollout)

The file squeak3.5.2b5-mac-vm.sit contains an application package which has both the Carbon and Classic VMs in it. For OS X it launches the version of Squeak for OS X. Under os 9 it launches the classic version of the VM, compiled with CW. and for OS7.5.5-8.x it appears as a folder which you open and then launch the classic version. Both VM's for the price of one and settles the issue when folks switch back and forth between os-9 and os-x. If you need external plugins, you still need to get specific Carbon or non-Carbon ones. See the details below. Note that prior versions of 3.2.x contain interesting bugs that we've seem to have erradicated in 3.5.2b5, and I urge you to upgrade your VM. The VM is also faster.


You can run any of three versions of Squeak on OS X: the Carbon version, the Cocoa version, or the Classic OS9 version.

For most practical use, the Carbon version seems to be the most reliable one to use with OS X, as of Fall 2002. The Cocoa version shows promise, though, and has some unique features.

The OS-X mach-o Carbon version is contained within the application package squeak3.5.2b5-mac-vm.sit
You might also need some of these plugins:

These bundles go in the same folder as the application package. Later versions of the VM will allow you to place bundles in various places like ~user/Library/ but right now proper placement is required so that Squeak can find them

The current Cocoa version is CocoaSqueak-3.2.4.dmg found in the 3.2/mac directory

The unix port now has some Cocoa pieces and supports Quartz. Check the unix page for more information, it may be a worthwhile alternative. Note that it uses "/" for path names versus the Carbon VM which still uses ":".

OS 7.5.5 - OS 9.x, PowerPC processors

The classic version is contained within the application package squeak3.5.2b5-mac-vm.sit
You might also need some of these plugins:

Plugins are placed in the same folder where the application package is.


Lately a 3.0.21 VM was build to support the PrintJobPlugin. There was also some carbon hybrids build for 3.0.x. (& 3.1.x) If you need a carbon version, you should run the 3.6.x series


Most of 3.1 got folded into 3.0.x, and then promptly superceeded by the 3.2.x series of VMs, so just skip to 3.6.x.


Pre Croquet VM. If you want to run Croquet you need the 3.4 VM and plugins.

68K processors

3.0.16 found in the 3.0 directory is the last of the FAT (68K) VMs.
Plugins are rare indeed, look in the archives. If you require an 68K Open Transport aware version, then talk to John. John also notes that it seems more recent versions of the 3.0.x VM could be compile if needed.


3.5.x Are compiled with GCC 3.3 which produces a much faster VM.

The Classic OS9 Squeak VM can still run under OS X, but of course it runs in blue-box mode which is less than ideal.