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selfStudy - Create a Rectangle object in Morphic
Last updated at 4:16 am UTC on 2 January 2005
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What we want to do: We create a rectangle morph using both graphical and text based processes. We want to experiment with two simple properties of a morph: its layout policy, its step rate and its model. There's a lot more to learn and there are a lot of cool things to look at but we just want to get started.

What you should know before doing this exercise
What is Morphic? What are the elements of Morphic architecture? Especially, What are Morphs? Spefically, what is a RectangleMorph?What is a mophic halo, a layout policy,a Morph's model and a morphic step? See Maloneys' Tutorial:Fun with Morphic Graphic System
And, just to be sure you got it all, read: Why Morphic is Way Cool

The exercise

Verify you got it

Feedback - Please update this page with corrections and comments. This is a Wiki, so feel free to make corrections/ extensions to the instructions above. Also feel make suggestions comments below. The more specific your comments the better.