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Self-Study Administration
Last updated at 6:48 pm UTC on 6 December 2003
This is the admistrative page for an experimental self study course. All pages with this tag are part of a self-study course that we are trying to develop for folks new to Squeak. The starting or home page for this course is selfStudy.

The criteria for this "course" is:
After the title, each page in the course is structured as shown below.

What we want to do: Why we are doing this exercise/what this exercise does/what we have when we are done.

What you should know before doing this exercise
Prequeristies given in question form with hyperlinks to pages that provide the necesssary information. We hope that most of this material is already on the Swiki somewhere

The exercise

Verify you got it

Feedback - Please update this page with corrections and comments. This is a Wiki, so feel free to make corrections and extensions to the instructions above. Also feel make suggestions comments below. The more specific your comments the better.

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