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Recipe: Printing status information from your program
Last updated at 12:09 pm UTC on 8 August 2003
You want to print status messages while your program runs, mainly for debugging purposes.

Open the Transcript Window, then use Transcript like this:

   Transcript show: 'Hello World!'.
Transcript is a global variable that contains an instance of TranscriptStream. Use Transcript cr. to get a line feed. You may also combine those messages like this: Transcript show: 'Hello World'; cr.

Also, the comment of the TranscriptStream class>>new method shows how to open your own window that is independent from the system's Transcript.

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Q: How do you put a string into a new Workspace? I'd like to have something like

   Workspace openWith: aString, 
giving a new window with aString in it.


   Workspace new contents: 'Hello World!'; openLabel: 'Hello'

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