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TrueType to StrikeFont
Last updated at 11:37 am UTC on 4 August 2004
Outdated: now search for Hostfont package on SqueakMap.
This is an experimental TrueType to StrikeFont conversion tool. It has some problems (look at the changeset header), but for a basically one-hour hack, it's quite usable.

Hans-Martin Mosner


I've now looked at the TrueType font engine specs, and it looks like one could write a really good engine given some more time (which I don't have right now).
Look at http://fonts.apple.com/TTRefMan/index.html for the TrueType reference manual.
However, there are Apple patents involved with the hinting language: http://www.typesolutions.com/ff/tt_patents.html. I don't know how difficult it would be to get permission from Apple to include a TrueType renderer into Squeak...