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Design Patterns
Last updated at 8:59 am UTC on 18 November 2015
see also Patterns, for web sites about patterns.

Design Patterns by Erich Gamma;
Richard Helm, IBM, Sydney;
Ralph Johnson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign;
John M. Vlissides, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
ISBN: 0-201-63361-2
This is the first book that overtly described and compiled a list of software design patterns. It includes 23 mostly widely used patterns. The book uses a description methology that mimics the one in A Pattern Language, a patterns book for architecture.
One problem with this book is that most of the examples are in C++, a widely used but, in my humble opinion, really lousy object-oriented language. Therefore, I also suggest

The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion by Sherman Alpert;
Kyle Brown, Knowledge Systems Corporation;
Bobby Woolf, Knowledge Systems Corporation
ISBN: 0-201-18462-1
This book is not really a standalone book, its objective is to place a stronger Smalltalk emphasis when describing the patterns. It doesn't include any overt references to Squeak, but i haven't found anything described in this book that's not included in Squeak (however my investigations have not been all-inclusive).

Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns by Kent Beck
ISBN: 01347-6904-X
As Martin Fowler says on the back cover: "Kent's Smalltalk style is the standard that I aim to emulate in my work. This book does not just set that standard, but it also explains why it is the standard. Every Smalltalk developer should have it close at hand." 'nuf said. (PDF of part of the book)

Author: jgp