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FAQ: Some characters appear as question marks. What happened?
Last updated at 7:04 am UTC on 5 April 2019

Make sure to install a font with all the glyphs you need. This is done with the menu 'Apps' -> 'Font Importer' (Implemented by the FontImporterTool).

As you can see, it does properly show the single quote as 2019 hex character, and supports cyrillic (and greek etc too).

For this, I simply downloaded Fira Sans https://fonts.google.com/download?family=Fira%20Sans and dropped the unzipped FiraSans-Regular.ttf into Squeak, and chose "Install ttf style". Then in the Workspace, switch the font to Fira Sans.

That said, the standard font renderer does not know how to deal with ligatures, RTL, etc, so if you want to support scripts like Arabic or Devanagari, you indeed need to use a plugin. Scratch uses UnicodePlugin for rendering, and Etoys on OLPC uses RomePlugin's pango paragraph renderer.


 Preferences setCodeFontTo: (StrikeFont familyName: 'ArialUnicodeMS' pointSize: 15).
 Preferences setSystemFontTo: (StrikeFont familyName: 'ArialUnicodeMS' pointSize: 15).