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Seymour Papert
Last updated at 7:40 pm UTC on 29 November 2003
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Mostly associated among programming-oriented people with the development of Logo but am really passionate about much larger aspects of the future of children and of learning. I am sure that in some sense of the word programming will play a key role in the future of children and so I hopefully watch Squeak and all the (sadly few and mostly superficial)other foci of relevant thinking. I spend a lot of time tinkering with new meanings for the concept.

While I realize your research focus has broadened over the years, I'd just like to thank you for bringing LOGO into the world. It's been a vehicle I've used for years (Since Atari LOGO which I still dearly miss :) to introduce new folks to computing as an intellectual springboard rather than a passive medium like TV.

The fact that it's survived and evolved in so many interesting ways is a testament to the staying power of simple, expressive, empowering tools.

Someday I'd love to write a freeware interpreter with Dynaturtle support :)

Chris Patti