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Squeak Hardware
Last updated at 8:40 pm UTC on 4 July 2007
http://www.transmeta.com You probably know who Linus is, and even who he works for. Now it seems that on Jan 19th 2000, Transmeta will finally be releasing a processor.

Rumor is that this processor is designed for emulation of various arbitrary ISA's. At it's lowest level, both Java and Smalltalk define an ISA, since they are basically virtual machine ISAs. But the Transmeta processor may give us a chance to give Squeak and Smalltalk in general the speed it finally deserves. I have no clue if we'll ever see a Transmeta based PC. But imagine writing device drivers in Smalltalk, or having a truly snappy system.


While some computer systems are great at serving files, and others are great at drawing graphics, none are suitable for truly 'creating' new content, or allowing direct manipulation of their architecture for specific uses. There is gulf between what the computer is now, and the nearly infinite creative tool it could be. Others have called it Dynabook, I used to call it a "Creation Engine". I want this computer to be great at creating new media.

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