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the only one you need to write!
Last updated at 12:11 am UTC on 30 June 2002
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However, there is insufficient instructions on what files have to be linked to create a fully working version of Squeak. It's been my experience that AmiSqueak tries to access functions that aren't part of the minimal set of files as documented by the main authors of MacSqueak, which is what the version of Squeak for the Amiga should be based on. The mac version also decodes user input (such as mouse clicks, keypresses & menu selections) completely different from the way it's done with Amiga Intuition. Jim Steichen, current (& only) developer of Smalltalk on the Amiga platform (See AmigaTalk.lha on aminet in dev/lang) or visit my website on http://www.frontiernet.net/~jimbot/amigatalk.htm to find it.