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International Swiki

Here are some things that need to get translated into different languages
  • buttons and color schemes
  • help templates: we should wait on this until there is a standard release.
  • miscellaneous templates


Please let people know what you are interested in. Volunteers can fit into these categories: lead-porter is the person in charge of the port; checker is the person who checks the work before it gets released; contributor is someone who is willing to work with the lead-porter to make that port happen.
  • Je77: I'm interested in how I need to change the baseline architecture to allow for better internationalization. Secondly, I am willing to be a checker for the German port.
  • Raymond: I began to make some translations for a Swiki Québécois in French. I'm willing to share my work with the Squeak Comunity but for now I prefer to be a "contributor" more than the "lead-porter" which seems to require more time than I have. I translated two help templates, even if there is a suggestion to wait for...but I need this french Swiki for January
  • Pierre: I'm just discovering the interest of WIKI for educational use. I have seen WIKI once some years ago but does'nt think about the collaborative work with it. Probably we are more speaking today about collaborative work at school than before. I'll learn more about WIKI and then help for the french translation, as contributor in order to make a mix of Québécois and Genevois. :-)
  • Benoit St-Jean: Started looking at how we could internationalize Swiki. Investigating ways of making this while affecting the current Swiki architecture in a minimal way. Currently working on a French version of Swiki with Raymond

  1. Version francophone en développement
  2. International button text translation
  3. German version
  4. Bolot: Russian translation
  5. Casco: I could help with spanish. Where do I start?
  6. Felix: german translation (contributor)
  7. Ger for Dutch?
(Here is the Dutch translation-set of the Microsoft Interface Localization Handbook from 1990, so the WWW-terms are still missing.) (This is a set of 31 pdf-dumps of the pages)

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