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HOWTO Fix "Error: This should not occur" Messages

All Swiki pages consist of .xml and .old files numbered 1 through $MAXPAGE. If there are any holes in this ordering of pages, all pages with an internal number greater than the missing page will fail to render. If a page goes missing during a Swiki session, this error will not be generated until the Swiki process is restarted.

  1. cd /usr/local/ComSwiki/swiki/$WIKI_SITE/pages
  2. Look for missing .xml files:
    ls |grep xml |sort -n |more
  3. When you find the missing xml file, copy the smallest existing xml file to the name of the missing file:
    cp 1.xml 39.xml
  4. Copy the new xml file to the missing old file:
    cp 39.xml 39.old
  5. Restart the Swiki process and navigate directly to the page that was recreated:
  6. Wipe out all of the data and link the page to the recycle! bin

The recycle bin is an index page to which all deleted pages should be linked. Since Swiki pages cannot be deleted from the filesystem, it makes sense to reuse pages that are no longer needed.

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