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Swiki runs fine under localhost option but not on 'the net'

For the Mac OS X version, check to insure you have the port number open for use. This requires going into sharing setup, adding the port number (if 8000, 8080, or 8888), and then insuring the newly added firewall port entry is checked. For port 80, all you need to do is check / turn on personal file sharing (it runs through port 80).

Also insure the port is open thru the firewall if you have one. Details are going to vary, but in essance, port forwarding on the firewall will need to be set up so that outside requests to the Swiki are routed through the firewall to the correct Swiki server on your network.

Also, port 8080 is used by firewalls for their admin and should be avoided by the Swiki.

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