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How do I upgrade the server?

Get the newest version of the server which will include these things:
Squeak.exe     (or other VM)
squeak.image   (image file)
swiki/default/ (directory for admin tool and other things)
swiki/refs/    (the base for swikis)
swiki/ani/     (the based for AniAniWebs)
From your old configuration, move the following files over in order to keep your settings. While this is not necessary, it will save you having to reconfigure your site.
swiki/default/settings.xml       (the settings for the site)
swiki/default/security.xml       (the security settings for the admin tool)
swiki/default/users/             (the directory of AniAniWeb users)
         Note: This may not have existed in pre-AniAniWeb versions
swiki/refs/setup.xml (the set-up for the basic swiki)
swiki/refs/settings.xml          (the settings for the basic swiki)
swiki/refs/security.xml          (the security settings for the refs swiki)
swiki/ani/setup.xml              (the set-up for the AniAniWeb)
swiki/ani/settings.xml           (the settings for the AniAniWeb)
Then, move all the directories in the swiki directory over. Don't move default, refs, ani, docs, imged, forward.
Finally, start the new server, set a port, and hit the "save & exit" button.

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