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How do I upgrade?

  1. Download the newest version of the software and set it up.
  2. Move the old swiki sites from their swiki directory to the new ComSwiki\swiki directory. Do not move the directories that are already present (default, refs, ani).
  3. Also, copy over these specific files unless you want to change things:
    • ComSwiki/swiki/default/settings.xml (global settings)
    • ComSwiki/swiki/default/security.xml (/admin site security)
    • ComSwiki/swiki/default/users/ (the AniAniWeb users) [not optional]
    • ComSwiki/swiki/refs/settings.xml (normal swiki settings)
    • ComSwiki/swiki/refs/security.xml (security for the refs swiki)
    • ComSwiki/swiki/ani/settings.xml (normal ani settings)

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