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How can I secure my Swiki Installation with SSL?

The Comanche Webserver doesn't have builtin SSL. So you have to put a SSL-wrapper around your swiki.
swiki is running on http://swikihost:8080

Here are two possibilities:
  • Apache with mod_proxy
you need: working apache installation with mod_ssl and mod_proxy (mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http)
you add these two lines in your configuration (ssl-host paragraf):
        ProxyPass /refs http://swikihost:8080/refs
        ProxyPassReverse /refs http://swikihost:8080/refs
Now you can access your refs Swiki on https://yourhttpshost/refs

you can redirect all swikis on swikihost with these two Lines:
        ProxyPass / http://swikihost:8080/
        ProxyPassReverse / http://swikihost:8080/

  • stunnel
you need: stunnel installation (see
server certifcate and private key (without passphrase), made with openssl: server.crt and server.key
copy them together in one File:
cat server.key server.crt >/etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem

create a /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf File:


start stunnel:
stunnel &

Now you can access your Swikis on https://yourhttpshost/

For both alternatives: Don't forget to block port 8080 on the firewall, when the swiki shall only be accessible by https.

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