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(I was wondering, if you could not make - on a SWIKI-page - one big translation-table for all the words?(as far as I know there happens no language parsing..)? Some clever Squeak-guy or -girl could write a kind of sweep-in-routine, which puts all the translations on the right places in the templates.. Also for next releases.)

About myself:
I am working as senior educational (ICT)designer at Twente University in The Netherlands. We did develop for teachers & students a what I call: a "CourseDocumentAndCommunicationSharingOrganiser"

It has nothing to do with Swiki's, except that we did develop a set of forms that mimic parts of the behavior of teachers & students during a course, including their bad habits... (That's why they like it.)

So I think that mimic-user-habits-in-short-shunks-on-swiki-forms could be one of the directions Swiki-functionality-grow could go..
(When a user creates a new page it would be nice if he could choose from a list of forms for this new next page.. admin must be able to edit this choice-list.. )

For your orientation I did include a small English text about our approach: TeletopLearningRevised.doc
This text can help you play with an old demo of our TeleLearningTool called TeLeTOP
(login with UN: docent.test PW: docent.test)at:

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