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Swiki Color Schemes


Uploaded Image: alien.png
This scheme uses javascript roll-overs on PNG files for a cool X-file like look.


Uploaded Image: Aqua.png
This scheme was inspired by MacOSX's aqua look. It has javascript rollovers and the buttons are on the side.


Uploaded Image: blue.png
This scheme looks somewhat like Windows 3.1. It is a good conservative color scheme.


Uploaded Image: orange.gif
This scheme was made to be small and unobtrusive. Unlike the others, it shows up to the right of the title in the upper right-hand corner. For those who like their screen real estate, this is it.


Uploaded Image: poor.gif
This scheme was made to look very simple and text like. It is somewhat inspired by Jakob Nielsen's


Uploaded Image: text.gif


Another one inspired by MacOS.
Uploaded Image: dock.png