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Swiki RPC


Download Swiki RPC v 5.3, also check out some documentation, history of revisions there.


Swiki RPC is an interface for accessing Swiki with external programs. Calls are HTTP (GET and POST requests), results are XML. For example, to get a list of swikis that implement the Swiki RPC interface, just go to To get a list of recent changes of a swiki, go to

Why is it version 5.3? Well, version 5.0 was the first one that actually got implemented. The previous 4 versions were not worthy of implementation. Shhh! No word about worthiness of this version! It's already out!


The full XML-RPC or SOAP compliant version of Swiki RPC is planned. Most likely, it'll be SOAP, since SOAP allows custom data types. With XML-RPC, things may be a bit too verbous.


Look at some examples on the Swiki RPC v 5.3 page. All essential functions should be covered there. This section provides more "real world" examples, scenarios that cover a bit more than just a single API call.

Example 1

The 'itr-file' template contains two fields, number 1 is a comment, number 2 is a file name. We want to collect the list of all files used on such pages.

First, we need to get the list of all pages. We ask swikirpc to provide recentChanges of the swiki:

Second, we need to filter this list down to the pages that use 'itr-file' template. (NOTE: in the next version, I'll include 'template' as one of the fields listed for each page, right now, to find that out, each page must be loaded individually, and its settings section will contain 'template' field).

Third, retrieve each page, Its "<t name="2"> section is what we're looking for.