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How do I change the name of a Swiki?

Remember that all external links (i.e. from other sites, such as search engines) to the old Swiki name will no longer work after this procedure; as such, you may not really want to do this frequently.


  1. Stop the server
  2. Rename the directory of your swiki
    • Go to the server directory
    • Enter the swiki directory
    • Change the name of the directory of your swiki to the new name (i.e. change it from myOldSwikiName to myNewSwikiName)
  3. Restart the server*
  4. Use the AdminTool to update uploadServerPath
    • Go to the admin tool (i.e. /admin on your site)
    • Click your swiki (myNewSwikiName) on the left-hand panel
    • Click the settings button at the top
    • Change the uploadServerPath to reflect the new name (i.e. change /myOldSwikiName/uploads/ to myNewSwikiName/uploads/)

*If the server does not start, it probably means that you are using an external server. In that case, you will need to modify the settings.xml file (in your Swiki directory) manually to reflect the name change. The XML file is easily editable with a text editor.

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