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The latest release of Comanche is 5.0, included with the latest Swiki.

Comanche has undergone one round of minimization (kom47), then rounds of recovery (kom48, kom49) from some excesses of minimization. Which means it should be more complete, yet lean and mean. More demo code has been added, which should show-case how to develop various apps with Comanche.

Only kom-base is available as a package currently. No other packages have been made publicly available. But the situation will change soon. SSP (Stephen Pair's Squeak Server Pages) was fixed to work with the current release of Squeak (3.1) and Comanche (kom49). In addition to the mySQL driver, there is now at least a PostGreSQL driver for Squeak. This warrants creation of Squeak database abstraction layer, I thought somebody was making/has made it.

TODO: (for kom4.10)
  • SSP pretty-printer
  • HTML UI builder classes
    • e.g., <%= aCollection as: KomHtmlSelectionList %> – converts a Collection into HTML <SELECT> tag
    • support for forms, sessions – to ease building forms, processing forms

Old : back in 17-Feb-2001

Comanche is now in version beta 4.7, which means there's a new game in town, called minimization. Kom47 (the code name for this current release) is the basis for Swiki beta 12, so kom47 will be released as kom47swiki12. But some code will be made available shortly.

The main occurrence is code clean-up. Most of the code in kom47 actually has to be there (unlike Comanche beta 4.6, which had tracks of old projects). Furthermore, it is now split into separate packages: kom47-base (all basic server stuff, with a few simple examples), mySQL (code by ???? somebody else, ported by ???? yet another guy, with some fixes from Bolot to make it work with Comanche and Squeak), YAX (XML parser by Michael Rueger, used for some RPC kind of stuff in some Comanche applications).

At present, only kom47-base has been more or less defined and packaged. The mySQL driver needs some clean-up (incorporate some fixes by various people, test with different versions of mySQL). YAX will need to be accompanied by some examples, perhaps a functional and simple HTTP-based RPC server.

As always, Comanche with Swiki can be downloaded at: Swiki History.

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Bolot Kerimbaev is the primary developer and maintainer of Comanche. Stephen Pair developed a huge overhaul around version 3, resulting in a refactoring that is used in Comanche today. Various people contributed code, including Lex Spoon, Bert Freudenberg, John McIntosh, and others (I will need to go through my mail archives, if you know who else contributed, please update!) Numerous people helped identify bugs. A lot of these contributions came from people using the Swiki server.

[It'd be nice to have another sentence on what Comanche consists of.]

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