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How do I move a Swiki?

I have a Swiki installed and getting populated by a staff of developers. Very exciting. It has been so cool to watch the "changes" as they got rolled out and the Swiki truly became integrated into the team's work routines.

Now for my question. I installed BigTime on a Windows 2000 box. We have a very fast Sun Solaris server and would like to move the entire Swiki over to that machine some time. My guess is that I can just copy the entire "swiki" folder structure to the new machine and launch it once the new VM and Squeak image is installed and operational. Will there need to be some kind of "hook" established to include the old Swiki's contents to a new one?

In a way, it seems that a related question is will this approach also work for backup and restore of a Swiki's pages?

Thank you in advance,

- Steve

As long as you move in binary, this should work. The other thing to watch out is that systems like Solaris and Linux will probably not allow you to run a server on port 80 as simple user. You will probably have to use ipchains or iptables to map port 80 to a higher port. -Je77

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