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Swiki Inline Links

Since most of the users of my Swiki like to put TONS of text on every page, I decide to break it up by 'inlining' other pages.
I added formatting for "*-my page-*" - this renders the referenced page in the current page (just like *+myImage.jpg+* does).
I also add a little icon at the beginning of each line that links to .edit that page - this really helps with inlined pages since the page you are on is not always where the text resides. It would be nice to open the edit page with the desired text highlighted. Anyone know how to do this? I would guess this requires some JavaScript. SwikiBook>>editTagForText:page: is where it should be added (text is the text for that line - what needs to be highlighted in the editor).
It would be nice to inline "*#my page#*" the raw text of another page for use in tables, but that looks a bit more complicated.
Also in that change set is a fix to make links as local as possible. Many users would add links like "", which will now be stored as "67". Or worse, for some reason their browser had the address as "". And since we have user:password security, you get re-prompted for your password.

Useful bit of code; I was wondering, though, how one could restrict the appearence of the tiny edit icon and link only to inlined text. I understand why you did it that way, but I'm too dense to figure out how to do it my way....Thanks.