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(Details on this problem...)

I've just set up a Comanche Swiki at, and I'm finding that sometimes Comanche doesn't serve up all the images on the pages' toolbars. At random, an image or two just won't get served, and IE puts the standard red 'X' icon in its place. (Try rapidly refreshing the page to see how the navigation bar only gets partially served.)

I've observed this problem with web servers before, particularly IIS. I found out that the "free" version of IIS was limited to 10 incoming connections, which was consistent with what I was observing: the page and about 9 images would load successfully, and the remaining images would be dropped.

So I figured Comanche was doing the same thing. I poked around the source code and found several senders of [ConnectionQueue initPortNumber: QueueLength:] that had QueueLength set at 6 or less. I changed those 6's to 50's. No effect. I also found several senders of [Socket listenOn: backLogSize:], also set to 6 or less, and changed those to 50's. Still no effect.

Incidentally, I've never seen this happen with this Swiki. Though the images to the left do seem to take too long to load, based on the bandwidth GT has...

I'm nigh certain that this is Comanche's problem, as I never have this problem anywhere else, except long ago on my old IIS server. I'm now running Apache to host, and it never drops images like this. (And the port 80 site is hardly anything BUT images.)

What am I missing?

Jeff S.

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