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Swiki Buglist


Calendar Dates are off

Im having trouble getting the ComSwiki source code to work under a squeak 3.6 image. The ComSwiki.cs file filesin correctly so that i can access the code using the Browser but i cant get my objects to respond to http calls. It works fine using the ComSwiki.cs in a 3.4 squeak image.
Files with underscores in the name can be uploaded, but then are not viewable.

for some strange reason i can't use the *(&star) escape when it is between double quotes "*"

I'm experiencing the same problem with ComSwiki 1.3 and Squeak 3.6 on Mac OS X. The swiki control panel comes up and I can configure the port and so on, but a "netstat -a -f inet" does not show any server running on port 80/8000/8080.
I see the same behviour on Squeak 3.6 running over NetBSD 2.0. Has anyone been able to find out more?

I put <!– –> in a page title. Swiki ate the left angle bracket (<)
but left the right angle bracket in, leading to major HTML malfunction
on browsers that nest comments! – Thomas Shanks

Version: ComSwiki 3.2,ComSwiki 1.3

Updated on Dec 29 2004

Hi everyone,
Here is a problem to ponder! I've set-up a Swiki at work. Work nice the server run on Linux. We use it as a knowledge management tool sharing ideas and documents etc.
So I've created a page and put an HTML reference in a page to link to a project folder on another server. That way, poeple can access the SWIKI page and browse the project folder from the swiki (2 birds with one rock) It work find with IE... But when I try to access it through Netscape 7.1 or Firefox 0.8..(and now version 1.0 ).. That XXXXX link doesn't work! Why?

In Firefox the link appear in the status bar at the bottom as:


while in IE it appears as:


Is this a Firefox error?

Furthermore, In some instance, when I try to open a pdf with Firefox 0.8+... It give me an error, all the while it works in IE...!

any idea!

ComSwiki 1.3

Caution when deleting a swiki page in the file system. Comswiki will not find any existing page with a higher number. (Even if the deleted page is not referenced anymore). Seems like ComSwiki relies on a continuous numbering of swiki pages.

Gerald Zincke

ComSwiki 3.2

version : ComSwiki 3.2

* in URL doesn't work

I wanted to create a hyperlink to an entry in cvs file using viewcvs.
The url should be*checkout*/jakarta-commons-sandbox/lang/Attic/PROPOSAL.html?rev=1.5&hideattic=0

Putting the above URL within &start; (with * replaced with &star; also doesn't work.

Solution: use HTML tags for the problematic URL like this ( look at the source )

Solution2: use %2A instead of * within URL.

ComSwiki 1.3

version : ComSwiki 1.3

Cross-site scripting vulnerability

Firstly try this and check the output:

$ telnet 80
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
GET /<script>alert(document.domain)</script> HTTP/1.1

... HTTP REPLY cut off ...

Some web browsers (Mozilla, Opera) escape < and > in URL but Konqueror and Explorer does not. Consequences are that a malicious Web master could publish invalid link to SWIKI that includes some JavaScript or similar stuff. If a user (with vulnerable browser) clicks, SWIKI will generate an error page and the script hidden in URL will be executed. It will be considered as originating from SWIK website thus bypassing some checks in browser. It will be able to access SWIKI with the permissions of the user. This could be expolited to modify SWIKI pages by persons that don't have the permission to do it otherwise.

To fix this, code for generating error pages should escape < and > (and perhaps all other HTML metacharacters) in the requested URL.


version : ComSwiki 1.3

Log file left open

[BUGFIX] When I restarted the ComSwiki, I was failing because the logfile was left open. Therefore the log file could not be accessed.

As a workaround I am finding the log file that is still open and reusing it. I made the changes in the SwikiBrowser.

I think fileNamed: 'log.txt' should return the existing file. Isn't it? []


[self]>>addresses (priv)>>initialization>>initLogFile | logFile | logFile _ shelf storage dir fileNamed: 'log.txt'. "UO 6/23/2003 17:28 sometimes the logFile is not closed when stopping the server. So just keep using it" logFile isNil ifTrue: [ logFile _ StandardFileStream allInstances detect: [ :each | each name = (shelf storage dir pathName, shelf storage dir pathNameDelimiter asString, 'log.txt') ] ]. logFile setToEnd. shelf modulesAt: 'logFile' put: logFile. shelf books do: [:book | ((book setup at: 'logging' ifAbsent: ['none']) = 'site') ifTrue: [ book modulesAt: 'logFile' put: logFile]]

version : ComSwiki 1.3

Loaded ComSwiki on Red Hat Linux 7.3 at home. I generally use KDE for Window Manager. When accessing Swiki with Konquerer (default K browser) and editing I get weird editing conflicts. Sometimes page name gets scrambled (ends up being a copy of a previously-edited page). Very strange since I am only user of this Swiki so I'm not conflicting with anyone but myself.

Checked mozilla, works fine with it. It's only with Konquerer that this happens. Other than that - really like the program.

version : ComSwiki 1.3

'files including scandinavian characters gets wrong url' (5 July 2002)

Missing File (/swiki/uploads/imp%F6ssible%20to%20download.txt)
On my swiki server i cant access any file containing any of the swedish characters ед and ц with IE, Netscape 4.75 works.
IE Reports URL with %UNICODE for цед, correct working URL should be with 8bit ascii едц.
A compressed change set patch exists that remedies the problem, get it here.
Patches and patch instructions.

'lock this page after save' doesn't work (9 May 2002)

Or does it? It seems to work HERE, but not on the Swiki I just installed on my machine...

Okay, on MY Swiki anyway (which was installed May 6th), when a page is locked and then brought up for editing, if you forget to enter the password, and get the error page telling you so, then you enter the password correctly and leave the 'lock this page after save' checkbox checked, the page does not get locked again!

1.Bare LF Email Alerts (14 February 2002)

version : ComSwiki 1.2

  • when I (Samir) try to use email alert feature, i have on my Transcript :
Transcript Window Displayed below message:
451 See
This problem was firstly identify in the mail-archive01771

  • when i try the following code, it works fine !
deliverMailFrom: ''
to: #(#'' )
text: 'From: test
To: "not listed"
Subject: this is a test

Hello from Squeak!
usingServer: 'yourSMTPserver'

  • This problem is (Eiichiro ito):
  1. Swiki reads alert mail body from a template file.
  2. When reading a line in LineFormatter, it converts a line separator CR to CR+LF in TextFormatter/crToCrlf
  3. But when Swiki sends alert mail in SMTPSocket/data, it uses CR as a line separator and adds CR+LF to line in SimpleClientSocket/sendCommand:.
  4. As a result, Swiki sends a line with CR+LF+LF to MTA and qmail claims that second LF is bare LF.
Here is the patch :

version : ComSwiki 1.3

Filename mangled when uploading

When I try to upload a file called "", swiki mangles the filename and uploads it as "" instead.

version : ComSwiki 1.3

Filename mangling when using external server for uploads

If I upload a file "foo_bar.txt", swiki uploads it as "foo bar.txt" (ie: with the underscores replaced with spaces). This is not a problem when swiki is serving the uploads, as it obviously does some sort of translation, but when the uploads are being served by an external server it results in a file not found error. Likewise, uploading filenames with spaces in them does not work either.

Also, is there a patch for the other filename mangling problem mentioned above?

version : ComSwiki 1.3

Persistent connection patch for Comanche (2 April 2003)

I downloaded the ComSwiki distro... (which I think is an awesome packaging
job!) and noticed the persistent connection issue (like when using Safari)
that was fixed in the HttpAdaptor class of Comanche... I looked at the code
in the distro image, and the code:



(self isPersistentConnection and: [Preferences keepAliveConnections])

ifTrue: [response fieldAt: 'Connection' put: 'close']

ifFalse: [response fieldAt: 'Connection' put: 'Keep-Alive'].

response writeOn: self writeStream


on: Error do: [ :ex | ex]

Has the 'close' and 'Keep-Alive' reversed from what was in the FIX. I changed
them in my local image and everything works like a charm.. (the above code is
like what is in the image distribution and is WRONG.)


Re-Lock after incorrect password doesnt work

If enter no password on a locked page after trying to save and then enter the password on the following page, the Swiki does not re-lock the page, it remains unlocked.

Comanche 5.0 / Swiki 1.3

Start Server -> Stop Server -> Start Server
results in an error
Content of "SqueakDebug.log":
MessageNotUnderstood: setToEnd
29 June 2004 11:23:19 am

VM: Win32 - Squeak3.2gamma of 12 January 2002 [latest update: #4653]
Image: Squeak3.2gamma [latest update: #4827]

Receiver: nil
Arguments and temporary variables:
t1: a Message with selector: #setToEnd and arguments: #()
Receiver's instance variables:
[] in UndefinedObject>>DoIt
Arguments and temporary variables:
t4: nil
t1: nil
t2: a SwikiShelf
t3: nil
t5: nil

Receiver: a SwikiShelf
Arguments and temporary variables:
addressName: 'initLogFile'
request: nil
response: nil
Receiver's instance variables:
name: 'swiki'
storage: a XmlSwikiStorage
settings: a Dictionary('allowRobots'->true 'filePath'->'files' 'fileServerPath'...etc...
modules: a Dictionary('adminColorScheme'->a SwikiColorScheme 'adminSecurity'->a...etc...
sema: a Semaphore()
books: an OrderedCollection(a SwikiBook)
privAddresses: a Dictionary('admin'->[] in UndefinedObject>>DoIt 'adminFilter'-...etc...
shelfAddresses: a Dictionary('admin'->[] in UndefinedObject>>DoIt 'default'->[]...etc...
bookTemplates: a Dictionary('createFailed'->'Unknown function: doctype

shelfTemplates: a Dictionary('adminList'->'Unknown function: doctype

...etc...<br> bookActions: a Dictionary('addSecurity'->[] in UndefinedObject>>DoIt 'adminButt...etc...<br> shelfActions: a Dictionary('adminAfterButtons'->[] in UndefinedObject>>DoIt 'ad...etc...<br> <br> [] in UndefinedObject>>DoIt<br> Arguments and temporary variables: <br> t1: nil<br> t2: nil<br> t3: a SwikiShelf<br> <br> <ul> <ul> <ul> <li> The rest of the stack — </ul> </ul> </ul> SwikiShelf>>formatPrivAddress:request:response:<br> SwikiShelf>>loadModules<br> SwikiShelf>>load<br> SwikiModule class>>swikiWebServer<br> ComSwikiLauncher>>startServer<br> ComSwikiLauncher>>toggleState<br> PluggableButtonMorph>>performAction<br> [] in PluggableButtonMorph>>mouseUp:<br> Array(SequenceableCollection)>>do:<br> PluggableButtonMorph>>mouseUp:<br> PluggableButtonMorph(Morph)>>handleMouseUp:<br> MouseButtonEvent>>sentTo:<br> PluggableButtonMorph(Morph)>>handleEvent:<br> PluggableButtonMorph(Morph)>>handleFocusEvent:<br> [] in HandMorph>>sendFocusEvent:to:clear:<br> PasteUpMorph>>becomeActiveDuring:<br> HandMorph>>sendFocusEvent:to:clear:<br> HandMorph>>sendEvent:focus:clear:<br> HandMorph>>sendMouseEvent:<br> HandMorph>>handleEvent:<br> HandMorph>>processEvents<br> [] in WorldState>>doOneCycleNowFor:<br> Array(SequenceableCollection)>>do:<br> WorldState>>handsDo:<br> WorldState>>doOneCycleNowFor:<br> WorldState>>doOneCycleFor:<br> PasteUpMorph>>doOneCycle<br> [] in Project class>>spawnNewProcess<br> [] in BlockContext>>newProcess<br> <br> <hr size=1 noshade> comswiki 1.3<br> Rendering Bug: rendering of a large swiki will go into an endless loop (really!) if for some reason there are unpaired asterix characters (shift-8) floating around. The workaround is to examine a "failed" render to locate the offending page. Correct the misplaced star and render again (and again, and again...) until you find all the stars.<br> <br> <br> </td> </tr></table> </body> </html>