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I'm really liking Swiki. I need two things I'll try to hack up:
  • I need the webserver to bind to a specific IP address rather than all of them (I run a lot of stuff under Apache on other IP addresses, and don't want to buy a whole nother box for swiki). Taking the bind address from a unix environment variable, this is a small hack to src/unix/sqUnixSocket.c.

  • I'd like to present a specific wiki as a top-level web site, without any other wikis being reachable under the domain name. i.e. present instead of
This can be made possible using Apache as a "frontend" on top of Comanche using "reverse proxying" and "virtual hosting" // zyz

I'm new to squeak, but I used to use Smalltalk long ago.
I used to hack drivers for the Clouds kernel in grad school in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.
My flagship site:
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