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Project - various notes
Last updated at 5:08 pm UTC on 2 May 2018
If you choose the Squeak flap and then check the flag
'Preferences/General/projectsSentToDisk' the project is saved
in an image segment with the extension .seg instead of the main

What is the difference between the '.pr' files and the '.seg' files?

Projects can be stored as ImageSegments (see also Squeak-specific media).

 Project current changeSet 
gives the ChangeSet in which the changes made in a browser opened in the currrent Project go into.

 Project current changeSet name
is as well the name of the Project.

You get access to the active instance of Project (actually a subclass of it) if you evaluate either
 World project

 Project current

Instances of ProjectViewMorph are used in other projects to refer to a specific project graphically.

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