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Squeak Messaging Services
Last updated at 12:08 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
The idea behind this is to integrate all the usual online communication mediums into Squeak.

This includes:
Muck/Mush/Mud clients

I belive this could be done using the Jabber protocol, it would be more eficient.

Squeak already has a somewhat functional IRC client. A seperate page should be created to deal with issues pertinent to each of the above areas.

Just to let anyone know who visits this page... I've finished ICQ and AIM. I'm looking forward to releasing the code soon... ICQ is fun when it's in Squeak!

My ICQ version supports the ICQ v2 protocol and is 100% operational which includes a full user interface. The next ICQ version will include the other TCP abilities such as chat and file transfer. The AIM version is almost done and I'll try to abstract both protocols into one slick package :)

Dino (deanmao@cc.gatech.edu)

When do we get a chance to set ICQ working from within the -greatest- OO environment ?

Allen Short (mailto:washort@samford.edu) is writing a client for the Jabber (http://jabber.org) instant messaging system. Details to follow.[5/16/00 - Duane Maxwell has my code now. talk to him about it :)]

Does anyone know if the MSN Messenger protocol will be supported?

Squeak Messaging Services

MSN would be available via jabber.