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Last updated at 4:48 pm UTC on 5 December 2003
The Minnestore database was written by Jonathan Carlson for portability among Smalltalk dialects. MinneStore is a free, object-oriented database that is written entirely in Smalltalk and provides storage and retrieval of complex Smalltalk objects. MinneStore was written with the intention of being used for prototyping and perhaps small applications. MinneStore was also written to be as portable as possible and so uses multiple files and directories that grow in number as the database grows (instead of using something like Microsoft Structured Storage which is not portable).

The main web site for MinneStore http://minnestore.sourceforge.net/.

Get the latest news from the mailing-list and the current release files from http://sourceforge.net/projects/minnestore/

Revision history

Get the 3.3aV2.02 version from http://smalltalking.swiki.net/.uploads/MinneStore/SMS-3-3.zip


On the road again

I've updated Stephen's port, now it works in a Squeak3.2 image, you can get the 2.08 version port from http://sourceforge.net/projects/minnestore/

Note: The SMSBrowser needs some work
Alejandro Magistrello