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Les Tyrrell
Last updated at 12:09 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Main Webpage: http://www.canis.uiuc.edu/~tyrrell/ (Empty directory last edited 24-Jan-03)

Primary Wiki: http://oasis.canis.uiuc.edu:8080/home (Dead Link) 12-Oct-03 + 02-Nov-03)

I've been a huge fan of Smalltalk since 1981, when I bought the famous August language issue of Byte devoted to Smalltalk. Since then, I have built applications in V/DOS, V/286, V/Win before switching to VisualWorks 1.0. Now mostly using VisualWorks 3.1, and rooting for Squeak to evolve into a powerful system as well.

My professional Smalltalk career includes a stint with a large insurance company and my former job as a research programmer for a university lab developing community based information systems. My current work is for a food-processing equipment manufacturer whose flagship product is developed in VW Smalltalk.

My most recent Squeak-related project is Oasis a fairly broad project in which I am trying to tackle many of the problems that I have run into over the years of working with various Smalltalk development environments.

(The links to the Canis website are empty/dead as of Nov 2003 and there is nothing elsewhere on the web about this. 02-Nov-03)