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Last updated at 12:42 pm UTC on 27 March 2018
This class is part of the package 'ShoutCore-Styling.

Class comment:

I style Smalltalk methods and expressions.

My 'styleTable' class instance var holds an array ofArrays which control how each token is styled/coloured. See my defaultStyleTable class method for its structure.
My styleTable can be changed by either modifying the defaultStyleTable class method and then executing SHTextStylerST80 initialize ; or by giving me a new styleTable through my #styleTable: class method.

My 'textAttributesByPixelSize' class instance var contains a dictionary of dictionaries.
The key is a pixelSize and the value a Dictionary from token type Symbol to TextAttribute array.
It is created/maintained automatically.

I also install these 3 preferences when my class initialize method is executed....
#syntaxHighlightingAsYouType - controls whether methods are styled in browsers
#syntaxHighlightingAsYouTypeAnsiAssignment - controls whether assignments are formatted to be :=
#syntaxHighlightingAsYouTypeLeftArrowAssignment - controls whether assignments are formatted to be _

I reimplement #unstyledTextFrom: so that TextActions are preserved in the unstyled text