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Paolo Bonzini
Last updated at 12:11 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Hello!! I am the mantainer of GNU Smalltalk, so I am a bit a stranger here in Squeak world... anyway I do like this Smalltalk and everything else about free Smalltalks.

I'm particularly interested in comparison between Smalltalk dialects – you know, standard compliance, rate of evolution, portability, leanness, speed, implementation techniques,... – and in using Smalltalk as a scripting language, as an alternative for example to Python.

Have not took the time yet to subscribe to the mailing list (30 messages a day are too much when telephone is as expensive as it is in Italy...) but one day I'll decide to share some of the things I discovered during GNU Smalltalk's development with all you Squeak people – which seems a good thing since I did peep into your work!

I can be reached at bonzini@gnu.org if you want to share some of your thoughts with me.